One last time

Here is my Fića with the aforementioned second coat of primer now applied. Not much more to say, except that this is the last look at the car before it's finally painted.

If anyone's curious, in the background is a 1952 Opel Olympia on which they are doing all the necessary bodywork. And no, it's not mine.

Click to enlarge, as per tradition.

Almost painted

Here are the newest pics of the car, seen with the primer (the white) actually on. It also has the shop wheels on it, meaning those are not my Fića's wheels, but the wheels they use so that the real ones don't get painted accidentally. The real ones are in the last pic.

They are going to give it another coat of primer before sending it into the painting bay to receive it's final color. Then it's going to dry for a little while, after which all the parts that remain will be mounted to the car.

Click on the pics to enlarge.

Progress report

There is very little left to do on the car at this point: the suspension, like the engine, has now been mounted, the entire interior has its (more or less) final coat of paint, and all of the interior components (seats, dash, headliner, etc.) are all ready to go.

The original-style steering wheel I was looking for has been found, and so have some rare exterior trim pieces, which are the very last of the parts purchased for my car. The final coat of paint will be applied very soon, and all that awaits afterwards is a testing period to make sure everything works like it should.

Note: the Fića in this picture is not mine, but another one they finished restoring recently. However, mine does have an identical car cover...

Engine pics

The engine is now mounted in the car! It has been cleaned up, all the wearable bits like hoses and wiring are all new, and everything that was meant to be shiny now actually is...

The sole picture is below; click on it for the high-res version.

Compare this pic with the original one, which was what it looked like back when I bought it.