Review: 2010 Mazda3 GX

In its day, the Fića was an affordable car meant for the masses; today, there are many contenders in that class. Here is my review of one of them.

The city I live in is known for many things: its natural scenery, its relaxed way of life, and its upcoming sporting events. However, something that the mega-hamlet is definitely not known for is the exemplary skill of its drivers. A few weekends ago, I managed to dodge this abundance of road awareness for long enough to successfully meet some friends at a café.

Being the three-leaf clover that I am known to be, I ended up sitting by a window with my parked car in plain view. While listening to stories about the army and electronic book readers, I was subject to the Chinese water torture that was watching how the very thing I tried earlier to avoid was attempting to park itself around my car.