Review: 2011 Ford Crown Victoria LX

I’d be willing to bet ten thousand dollars at the roulette table (on zéro, naturally) that you know of a man called James Bond. I may even put down a few chips more when contemplating whether you – during childhood, of course – have ever presented your own name in reverse order.

And because I’ve just won ten thousand extra dollars, I’d further go out on a limb and affirm that you’ve seen a film called Diamonds are Forever – the last time that producers confused Commander Bond for a “Mr. Connery...”

Even the mail is a tease

(Anything missing?)

That big parts order I mentioned has arrived! Understandably, I didn't wait long to open the box once I got hold of it.

At the time, little did I know that I was in for yet another surprise. However, this surprise is unique in the fact that it should have been completely expected as well.

The box contents are in the above photo; notice anything missing?