The repair, part I

I've said it before and I'll say it again: with every delay is a valuable learning experience. When the throttle cable snapped, we were to replace it along with the clutch cable (out of precaution) and do an engine tune all in one repair.

After swapping the cables out, we ran out of time.

The good news is I verified what the new cables alone specifically improved.

2015 Golf Driving Experience (part 2 of 2)

So, the Mk VII Golf. It's the newest generation model that's now on sale in North America, and it's based on VW's new modular (MQB) platform.

In essence, certain sections of the platform can be enlarged or shrunk, then assembled like Lego bricks. Thus, they can make a variety of different cars with those underpinnings, the Golf and GTI featured below being the first.

Greater economies of scale are the result for VW; more equipment for the same price is the result for us.

2015 Golf Driving Experience (part 1 of 2)

Six minutes of driving time is not an experience.

The venue was good. The organization was good. Even the presentation bits beforehand were fairly good. Everything was drastically better than last year's event, except the most important part: the driving.

There were two tracks with one car to try each. We only got two laps per track. By 'virtue' of this, we learned next to nothing about what the cars can actually do – though it seemed that the drivers and presenters didn't quite know, either...

Maiden voyage (insert Titanic reference here)

The car had only been driven about 200km since the restoration ended. I'd never have expected to be in this position so soon, even after a botched restoration. At least we were near the end of the drive at this point...