Review: 2016 Ford Edge Titanium

I'll admit, when I noticed the self-parking system button down by the shifter, I was excited to try it out...then I completely forgot about it.

Later that night, I remembered the button while pulling up next to a vacant parallel spot – so at the very last second, I pressed it. It recognized the spot right away, and told me it'll take the wheel.

The Edge parked itself perfectly on the first try.

What else can it do?

Review: 2016 GMC Terrain

There are cars that surprise you, cars that for whatever reason, you expect to be bad, but they end up being very good. They get under your skin more with every minute behind the wheel. You recommend them to everybody who will listen. You think of any excuse to buy one yourself.

The GMC Terrain is not one of those cars.

Hybernation's over

So this just happened – after much schedule-juggling, the Fića is off to my mechanic. This should be the last major repair before the car is fully driveable and reliable, like it should've been at the start.

Seeing as it was borderline dangerous to drive when I last parked it, we arranged a tow. The plan, however, is to drive it back to my house once the repairs are done.

Crazy, I know.

Review: 2016 Toyota Camry LE

After just two years, Toyota decided to drastically re-style the current Camry, supposedly to make it seem more fun. I don't see the point – why change what your washing machine looks like when people only care that it works?

Review: 2015 Toyota Sienna

If you look at the Sienna as a tool, you won't be disappointed.

It's an implement made for two purposes: carrying a bunch of people and their stuff comfortably, and being inoffensive. It succeeds in both.

I'll come back to that in a bit.