After almost a year, my Fića's restoration has finally been completed! It looks even better than it did new... All that's left now is to wait for its arrival and, of course, show you how it turned out. However, instead of showing the finished product outright, I have decided to reveal it a different way.

My Fića now looks like one of the following six, in no particular order:

Option 1: Fića Helicopter
I have converted my car into what you see here on the left. I always wanted to learn how to fly a helicopter, so here's my chance to do it in style.

Option 2: Drag Racer
I have made a drag racer of my car to use for fun on the weekends. There's nothing like blowing away over-pompous muscle car drivers in an Italian micro-car.

Option 3: Fiat Jolly
I have turned my car into this Fiat Jolly. During 1958 - 1966 Fiat sent some 600's to the Ghia design house for conversion. The rich used them to go about on their yachts, and 32 'Jollies' were taxis on the island of Catalina (near L.A.) in the early sixties.

Option 4: Police Car
I have made my car into a police version, siren and all. Wonder if people will slow down and use their turn signals when they see this thing driving their way.

Option 5: Abarth Replica
I have converted my car into the Abarth version (it is to Fiat what AMG is to Mercedes). Parts and info are very abundant for this legendary street-legal racer. Its hood (at the back) is fixed open for better aerodynamics and cooling. And it has a Hemi.

Option 6: Former Glory
I have taken my car and restored it to its original factory specifications. If you're gonna own a piece of history, you should preserve it and keep it original, not mess about with it.

Voice your choice in the comments section!