Why JDM Imports Are So Popular

If you lived in Vancouver in the mid-2000s, this scenario will likely be familiar.

You're sitting in traffic when you suddenly notice an oddly tall cabover van in two-tone beige and brown with curtains tucked up behind the back windows and an extra mirror hanging over the tailgate. You get closer and are more weirded out to notice it's right-hand drive!

"Where did this come from??"

The Wise Decision

I hadn't made any repair or diagnostic attempts since I drove the car last in October. My plan was to wait until I had the opportunity to drop the car off at my mechanic's, so he could perform the same magic to the engine that he did to the electrical system the last time my car was there.

However, the opportunity arose to take it to a local show, scheduled for today. While pushing it to start practically every time isn't exactly anyone's idea of a relaxing Sunday drive, it would be doable if the car didn't drive any worse than it did last year.