About This Site

This site is dedicated to all the cars that cross my path and my experiences with them.

The new cars I feature can be found by clicking here. However, the main theme is my own classic car, a 1973 Zastava 750.

Having a unique old-timer (without going the way of big banks in 2008) meant finding something from an overseas manufacturer. As if that wasn't hard enough, I insisted on importing one from Europe myself...

Why? Because foreign classics were disfigured by regulations here. Case-in-point, the Mercedes W114:

US-mandated bumpers & lights

It turned out that I never actually found my classic car – it found me instead. And it ended up being one born in the same country as me...

While I did have the car restored, what I got wasn't what was promised: corners were cut. Lots of them. Nevertheless, bringing the car back onto the path of righteousness – and the adventures that await there – are what you'll find on these pages.

This is the story of a car that voyaged half a world to its new life.

-UroŇ° M.