Electric Test Drive

Electric cars are things that rich people buy when they're bored of their fourteen other cars, or what hemp-wearing hippies would drive if they had the money...

Also, you have to go far out of your way to own an electric car, especially since they're so slow and limited. They are also mercilessly expensive in every way but the gasoline bill.



Hybrid Test Drive

Hybrids shall save the world: they are the sole eliminator of global warming and fill the hole in the ozone layer just as quickly as the leaves on their instrument panels grow.

Or so the eco-mentalists will have you believe.

It's no secret that this is just a bunch of fluff – especially in the automotive world, where it's well known that diesels get better fuel economy, are cleaner, and aren't compromises. As a result, plug-in hybrids must be even worse, right? They're like hybrids on steroids.

Turns out, there is a secret that eco-mentalists have managed to effectively and selfishly keep from us petrol-heads.

That is, until now.

Turbo Test Drive

Any car guy knows how to kill time while his car's in for service. So, while my older turbocharged Volkswagen was in, I tried out some new turbocharged Volkswagens, both in manual and DSG form...

I left surprised, in a way I would never have expected.