Fića opinions (review from 1971)

Here is a review of the Fića from 1971 - a good way to see the perspectives people had back when it was new.

It is the way it is: we all look at it with our noses up high, we try to reject it, but regardless the Fića is celebrating its sixteenth birthday. What was once the Fiat 600 and now the Zastava 750 has retained that magical attraction which lures buyers. So what does all that mean? It means keeping a steady hand when it comes time to take out your wallet.

It's still the cheapest car (besides the Trabant) in dealerships, in insurance offices, and in service bays. If some spoiled young woman were to slam its door out of protest, one can only keep cool: unsatisfied and snobby candidates are not worth getting oneself into a fit, because in the end, she was just dissatisfied with the car...