Developments, part II

(A souvenir, but not from a gift shop.)

For most non-famous people, it can be slightly awkward when you see a photo of something you own – or yourself – on the internet posted by someone you've never had the pleasure of meeting.

This happened to me recently: it turns out that my Fića is interesting to more people than I thought...someone who also has a taste for "old-timers" (there are in fact more of us mental patients out there) came across my car, snapped a pic, and posted it on the internet.

Since my embargo is truly global, the individual in question was surprised when I told him that it was actually my car. As a wise thinker once said, the internet is a marvel (internet je ćudo – majke mi). Indeed, the truth has been spoken.

Developments, part I

(My Fića is third from the bottom.)

When one plans a trip, one does everything possible to keep negative externalities to a minimum: people like to ensure that they stay at a good hotel and that their flight leaves at an agreeable time (seems logical). When they arrive at their destination, people tend to focus on the experience at hand, blocking out thoughts of unplanned events that are yet to present themselves.

However, rarely does one consider that positive externalities could also occur... So, imagine my sentiment when I learned that the opportunity to visit the Fića in person before it gets shipped was to become a reality.