Developments, part V

Before you can register a car or renew its insurance in Serbia, it has to take and pass the safety inspection. It's done every year (every six months if the vehicle is a taxi), and inspectors check everything: bodywork, emissions, engine, battery, seat belts, airbags, lights...notice how they aren't satisfied with just sticking a tube on your exhaust for two minutes.

Usually, people with much older cars fear the inspection like an evil sorcerer in a particular grown-up children's book. It's moments like the safety inspection when you are glad you laid down the cash for a full restoration.

Fortunately, the process of finishing the papers for the car was also far from horrible, not involving any unplanned requests for cash (these aren't as rampant in Serbia as you might think)... But every bureaucratic adventure cannot be without its obstacles. It's physically impossible.

Developments, part IV

Most people enjoy doing what they are good at. Therefore, if your profession entails law, you most likely will enjoy filing paperwork to some extent. If you aren't a lawyer, though, the process of paperwork promises to be tedious and overwhelming.

Naturally, when it's all over with, the feeling of relief is endless.

This time around, I am one of those people. Not a lawyer, but somebody doing paperwork. This is much easier said than done.