Road Trip, Wrap-Up

(Las Vegas, San Diego, or both?)

Time is infinitely useful: it can heal wounds, create bonds, and form perspectives.

Over a week's worth of time has passed and the drops are still dripping. They are all rather intriguing, but each in its own way. Some boggle the mind, and others are little more than novelty.

Road Trip, Day 14

("America" is subjective.)

Waking up in Roseburg, Oregon meant that today we would eventually be back where we started. Therefore, driving down the I-5 meant getting one last look at the multiple dimensions of Obama-world.

Road Trip, Day 13

(Sand dunes in Monterey)

A very obscure saying goes something like "all things must come to an end." The faster the end comes, the harder the shock is, and the sadder one becomes.

There are many advantages to taking the car to a destination close to three thousand kilometers away, and among them is the fact that the end does not come nearly as quickly.

Namely, instead of taking a flight and ending it all in a few short hours, you have two whole days to readjust and prepare yourself for the daily grind that will erode you once again.

But you have an ace up your sleeve: two weeks in a much more interesting place not only recharges your batteries, but gives your exterior a olive-tanned re-finish that will take longer to erode...

Road Trip, Day 12

(Remnants of a different time.)

Time is a moody companion. During the first half of the trip – i.e. before Los Angeles – days were endless and well beyond interesting. Now, having left Los Angeles, the return to monotony is becoming ever clearer. At least there will be rowing...

Road Trip, Day 11

(Turns out his head is much bigger in person...)

Perhaps among the reasons why all rooms of the Queen Mary are not open for exploration is that it would simply be too much to explore in a reasonable amount of time. The whole ship would be very interesting, but there would be too many things to view in one day; one could not see everything during their short stay aboard the liner.

Oddly, this would be a perfect fit for Los Angeles, because it is indescribably huge. Larger still is the amount of attractions that there are to visit. Bus tours last four hours alone! Three days is not enough to see – let alone take in – even half of what LA has to offer.