Road Trip Take Two, Day 2

(Long time no see...)

Traveling the old-fashioned way certainly has its benefits. Just like people tearing up the miles with horse-carriages, you get a great sense of satisfaction when you get there. Though, traveling thousands of kilometers with a horse-carriage also has a dangerous aspect. Not a problem when your carriage is a car, then.

Road Trip Take Two, Day 1

(Traffic? What traffic?)

Usually one tries to avoid rush hour at all costs, even when one plans to be in it. We pointed the car in a generally southbound direction sometime after five o'clock in the afternoon.

Now, it may seem like the two above statements are in complete contradiction, but I assure you, there is some sense to be had.

The empire strikes back

While describing my California road trip, I may have mentioned at some point that despite all that was seen, there was more that wasn't. Combining many things with little time will usually do that.

When presented with the opportunity to correct this, most people would grab it with their hands and feet. I just used my hands... As a result, I shall be pointing the car southbound once again, but just not as much.

Namely, the itinerary calls for San Francisco and the (greater) bay area. Further details are yet to be posted, as the entire trip will be blogged, just like last time.

I shall answer the road's call tomorrow, so stay tuned...

How hard can it be?

Restoring something – be it a car or a relationship – is not for those lacking a drive for accomplishment. There is so much to keep track of and so many aspects which must be dealt with very delicately.

Many people eventually abandon the attempt, unknowing to the fact that they were probably 99 percent of the way there. Those that do manage to patch up a tarnished relationship can finally enjoy the benefits, especially if the type is of the romantic variety.