Road Trip Take Two, Wrap-Up

(So close, yet so far.)

Typically, the first time one visits a particular place, their impression is either extremely good or extremely bad; it's most common to have a positive one. Exploring an interesting place for the first time evokes a feeling not unlike that of certain people who came to these lands on wind-powered wooden rafts hundreds of years ago.

Therefore, the sense of exploration is vast, and more so is the sense of accomplishment. As a result, happiness increases and your impression ends up being very polished.

One who is so bold as to return to the same place a second time commonly finds that the very same setting is not so appealing as it was, and the opinion that time around is face-down.

However, there are cases where the first impression is proven to be very accurate and it does not morph the second time around, but is cemented further.

Simply put, my own second-impression experience fits into neither of these. Considering the scope and nature of the project which this blog is mainly about, you probably aren't surprised to read that.

Road Trip Take Two, Day 10

(Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?)

The last bit of driving to get 'back to the start' was effectively the same as it was in the last road trip, save for some much sunnier weather. Most of the time.

I'd be repeating myself if I discussed driving back on the I-5 in detail, so I'll swerve in a different direction: things here in the US are different.

Road Trip Take Two, Day 9

(Clear skies, clear roads.)

As much as it is highly interesting to slowly arrive in California, it is as painful to leave at the same pace. While you tear through the striped black stuff, the place that you found to be so awesome erodes away in front of your eyes at a painfully slow pace.

Road Trip Take Two, Day 8

(Crafty Romans and their glass pool!)

It would be a shame to have such a huge fortune like W.R. Hearst only to have descendants spill it away in a week. Besides having constant ideas on how to furnish his estate, Hearst also dreamed of the future, when his grand-kids couldn't be bothered to work but wanted to buy a Ferrari all the same. Why not just sell one of "grampa's" old statues? It would be just one...nobody will even notice.

Road Trip Take Two, Day 7

It would be odd of me to keep repeating the fact that there are all sorts of things to see along the PCH and not actually visit any of those things. Precisely that was on today's itinerary, helped by the fact that the weather was very pleasant. It was so pleasant that it erased all memory of chilling grayness.

Road Trip Take Two, Day 6

(Neptune Pool in Hearst Castle)

Remember how I mentioned that there are a variety of towns and attractions along the PCH? So did we. That's why today we went further south along California 1 and kept going until we reached Hearst Castle.

Road Trip Take Two, Day 5

(Where Dirty Harry buys croissants.)

The Pacific Coast Highway is more than just a good driving road. There are an infinite number of interesting places to stop and look besides the common ocean-side pullouts. The PCH periphery offers a multitude of interesting towns which have their own character and attractions.

Road Trip Take Two, Day 4

(Clear skies above San Francisco...can you feel the irony yet?)

Thus far, we haven't been involved in any large fires, so I assume that's a good thing. I say "assume" since they – as I mentioned – are related to warm weather, which is the polar opposite (see what I did there?) of what there is here in San Francisco. People are in coats and scarves. In August. I'm not joking in the least bit, though I wish I were.

Road Trip Take Two, Day 3

(Coitus Tower)

Don't be fooled into thinking that San Francisco is a sunny summer destination simply because it's in California. Just as it has its own brand of people, architecture, and city planning, it has its own weather program as well.