Fact: there are electrical gremlins – it's not the Fića's fault, but that of the unfortunate fellow that reinstalled the electrical system after the paint dried.

Fact: I will have to sort them out myself – regardless of what one might consider doing to balance the universe, the car is now half a world away.

A mind of its own

What you see above isn't just the Fića's engine running; it's an event. Although, it isn't so for the reasons you might expect.

This event doesn't occur if the battery and oil warning lamps do not light up beforehand. When you turn the key in the ignition of modern cars, most (if not all) of the warning lamps in the dash come on. When you crank the car, they begin to turn off. It's the same with the Fića.

The stone of wisdom

The stone you see pressed against the Fića's back tire is what we like to call the stone of wisdom (kamen mudrosti). Its inherent purpose is to keep the Fića from heeding the sloped driveway's calls of having it roll backwards and hug my fence.

Don't be fooled, though, the car is modern enough to have a parking brake. The thing is, it doesn't work.

Problem solved

Every day there's progress. Although yesterday, it didn't seem like it.

After successfully making the Fića start several times the day before, I assumed that it would now work normally. Like I already mentioned, classic cars keep you busy...and despite having been brought back to life, they still have a temperament. As such, guess what happened, or should I say, didn't happen...?

It's alive/Happy new year!

To the right of my driveway, by where the Fića is parked, is a twenty-foot (or more) pine tree that loves to shed needles. These needles are so abundant that this tree's days are numbered.

But while it's still here, we figured that we could make some use of it; this tree is therefore also this year's Christmas tree, which was convenient since last week, we received a thirty-eight-year-old four-wheeled present that perfectly matches in proportion.