Much ado about turn signals

How nicely things conclude sometimes.

In the video posted some time ago featuring all the parts that are yet to be mounted, one of the more noticeable parts are a pair of round turn signals with black frames. In the first pics I posted of my Fića on the old owner's yard, it is evident that it then had that same type of turn signal.

So what's so odd about this then? And how can turn signals at all be any interesting, for that matter? Well, read on to find out.

Fićas made in the eighties had these same black-rimmed turn signals; I wasn't so sure that mine exited the factory with them. I decided to investigate, and I found an assortment of photos of Fićas of very similar vintage to mine. One of those was this Fića to the right.

Ergo, my Fića should have turn signals with aluminum frames – just like the ones under the headlights in this photo – and not the black ones it was bought with. All I needed to do was to find such turn signals, get them over to the restorer, and tell him to put those on the car instead of the black ones.

How hard can that be?

Getting ever closer

I received some shots of the finishing touches they did on the car; they've evened out the metal they have repaired and sanded down some parts, though there are a few bits still left to be sanded. There's only a few weeks left until the restoration will be done completely! (at least that's the plan...)

Pictures of the above follow.