Developments, part II

(A souvenir, but not from a gift shop.)

For most non-famous people, it can be slightly awkward when you see a photo of something you own – or yourself – on the internet posted by someone you've never had the pleasure of meeting.

This happened to me recently: it turns out that my Fića is interesting to more people than I thought...someone who also has a taste for "old-timers" (there are in fact more of us mental patients out there) came across my car, snapped a pic, and posted it on the internet.

Since my embargo is truly global, the individual in question was surprised when I told him that it was actually my car. As a wise thinker once said, the internet is a marvel (internet je ćudo – majke mi). Indeed, the truth has been spoken.

As I mentioned in part one, an obligatory business trip to the land of the windmills emerged; since it's literally walking distance from Serbia, a visit was in order. The restorer had the Fića out on display, all shiny and renewed, and an impromptu photo session ensued.

I should mention that not everything was in the state of the components I showed in part one: quite a bit of the Fića was in good enough condition to keep as-is. As a result, you'll notice many original, un-restored parts on the final car you see in the pics.

The eyes have it...

The side indicator.

The door handles are un-restored, i.e. completely original.

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  1. That orange one looks wicked. It's cool that you could a good mix of new and original parts.