Even the mail is a tease

(Anything missing?)

That big parts order I mentioned has arrived! Understandably, I didn't wait long to open the box once I got hold of it.

At the time, little did I know that I was in for yet another surprise. However, this surprise is unique in the fact that it should have been completely expected as well.

The box contents are in the above photo; notice anything missing?

We can see the handbrake cable (for which I had to wait two weeks since it was on backorder), the new gutter trim with the proper set of clips, the under-seat bumper and window trim clips that the restorer deemed unnecessary, and the window regulator. Instead of two window regulators.

The eBay seller somehow forgot to include one of the bulkiest parts of my order... My future marketing strategies done on his behalf will depend on how he handles this little problem.

In the meantime, though, I'm stuck yet again. I can't make progress with the Fića when all the parts aren't there to begin with.

This is proof that it's not me making this whole getting-the-Fića-going thing go suicidally slow. Everybody is either useless or too far away. I'm doing the next one completely on my own...

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  1. I hear ya Uros. The title says it all haha. It's amazing how such critical components can be overlooked by mechanics and ebay sellers alike. What can I say. Hope you at least review a car you enjoy next time haha.