First gear

I am proud to say, the Fića has gotten closer to the point of owning the streets under its own power! As you'll recall, the first electrical gremlin is history: it now starts like it should, without secret handshake or hesitation. However, the second gremlin still persists, but it has sobered up a bit.

After some testing, the position lights definitely no longer go on when the brake pedal is pressed. Clearly that had something to do with that faulty wire contact, since nothing else has been touched.

Trouble is, the brake lights still don't work – pressing the brake pedal activates the brakes (as it should!), but still not their respective lights... The issue, if nothing else, adheres to rules of logic now.

That, along with the mischievous handbrake, will be the subject of further scrutiny until they are brought into line.

Below you will find a video of the Fića starting and running. It's not quite the same experience that it is live – nonetheless, the video provides a good idea of what everything looks and sounds like. Enjoy! I know I did.

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