Developments, part VI

In Serbian tradition, when a baby is first brought home, a red string is tied around his wrist which protects the little guy from bad luck and bad people.

Alternatively, a red ribbon is tied on the top of the baby's crib so that when people with an evil eye enter the room, they first spot the ribbon, which absorbs their malevolent gaze before it has a chance to get to the baby.

Many people laugh at all this, citing it as useless superstition, but somehow all babies end up having either red strings or ribbons...

I suppose one could compare my Fića to a baby: it's small, bug-eyed, and - given that it has just been completely overhauled - 'newborn'. Therefore, it's quite appropriate that its keys, which arrived in the mail along with all of the documents a couple of days ago, came tied together with a red string.

I'm not one to tempt fate, so I think I'll keep that string on there.

- - - - - - - - -

P.S.: That keychain ornament is a Zastava original from 1964!

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