Size matters

There's a small update with the car's progress!

But first, there's a matter to discuss beforehand. Something that, when seen on its own, you might not notice any shortcomings with – and yet, when it's visually compared to other similar things, you can't help but see the difference in size...

Naturally, what I'm talking about is the Fića's length.

You see, before one personally sees the Fića parked next to a modern automobile, it's impossible to get a feel for just how small this car actually is. Nevertheless, I will try to illustrate the effect, for temporary lack of a live demo...

This truck: 6.3 meters

This Taurus: 5.2 meters

This Mazda: 4.6 meters

This Beetle: 4.0 meters

The Fića: 3.3 meters

Let's put all this into perspective:
  • Two Fićas parked in tandem with bumpers touching would cover the length of the Silverado above.
  • Putting two more right beside them, parked in the same way but cut in half lengthwise, would cover that Silverado's entire footprint!
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Fića can't fit in the Silverado's bed, being about two feet too short. However, the Fića's entire silhouette fits in the Taurus' cabin.
  • Line the Fića and the New Beetle up next to each other and the Beetle's entire wheel and bumper would stick out.
  • Back the Mazda3 and the Fića against the same wall and the Mazda's entire engine compartment would stick out! Were the Mazda driver to lean forward, he'd be visible behind the Fića's greenhouse.

* * * * * * * * *

The latest news: I've found one source for the wheels!

However, (A) it's in Germany; (B) they're used wheels; (C) they're sold over the Internet so I can't assess their condition myself; and (D) they cost 350 euros plus shipping and 19% VAT.

So, while I can contact the seller – who, as an established source of classic Fiat parts, seems reputable – to ask about the condition of the wheels, I can't verify anything until they arrive.

Given that they're used, though, I run the risk of buying five duds that I have to pay to repair on top of their price and their shipping cost; getting five steel wheels over here certainly won't be at letter rates...

If I'm going to repair any wheels, I'll repair my existing set and call it a day – all the more attractive if the repair price turns out to be less than $550.

I think it just might be. But I've been wrong before...

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