Review: 2017 Volvo V60 Cross Country

Recently, Volvo switched its entire lineup to four-cylinder power, from the big 90-series to the smaller 60-series. While the four-banger doesn't really do it in their larger vehicles, it works quite well in the small stuff, like this V60.

Specifically, this is a V60 Cross Country, the off-road version of the regular V60 wagon. You get some added ground clearance (7.9" total), along with black plastic fender flares and metal lower body trim to complete the look. The differences aren't merely cosmetic, though, evident by the skid plates beneath, and the Hill Descent Control button in the center stack!

Back to that powertrain – the four-banger featured here is the lower-powered version of two, having just a turbocharger (T5), instead of both a turbocharger and a supercharger (T6). Despite the fact that I wouldn't say no to more power, the engine is well-suited to the car. Also, the eight-speed automatic does its job – no complaints there, either.

The problem is, the V60 sounds like a Corolla. If the Germans can make a good-sounding four-pot, why can't Volvo?

Clearly, then, this car's more about comfort and practicality, despite the Polestar software upgrade... The ride is comfortable; it's easy to drive; and cabin volume befits a compact wagon. Having said that, the tallest among us would appreciate an extra centimeter or two of headroom, particularly in the rear.

In both rows, we've got Volvo's famous anatomically-designed seats. Everything's impeccably finished, and there aren't any bad materials in the car, even though the door tops could be softer for the price...

There's practicality evident in the luxury touches, too: all four windows are automatic; the smart access system works on all four doors; there are parking sensors front and rear; and even the rear seats and steering wheel are heated.

Shortcomings? The start-stop system – which unfortunately defaults to "on" every time you start the engine – isn't seamless, and thus is often intrusive when setting off quickly. Also, this now-outgoing version of Volvo's Sensus infotainment system can't read my iPod Classic... (AUX-port audio quality is surprisingly good, though!)

The thing is, none of that would stop me from buying this car. It feels as solid as a Volvo should; it looks good; it's comfortable, safe, and practical. If you don't need the extra ground clearance, get the regular V60 – but if you do, get this V60 Cross Country.

I'd have no problem driving either of those every day.

-UroŇ° M.

2017 Volvo V60 Cross Country T5 AWD Drive-E
[five-door compact wagon; all-wheel drive, front engine]


L4 16-valve, DOHC

[forward gears]
w/ manual mode

[power] 240 hp @ 5,600 rpm

[torque] 258 lb-ft @ 1,500 rpm

[0-100 km/h] 6.4 sec
[top speed] 214 km/h

[L / 100 km]


[curb weight] 1,803 kg

133.11 hp/t

67 L  fuel tank

MSRP as tested:  $53,750  before taxes and fees

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