Pandora's album

As promised a few days ago, I present the comprehensive photo gallery of the star of this blog.

But before you browse through the images, first take a look at what the Fića looked like back when I bought it. I'd say it's now as much the same as it is irrecognizable.

Once the transformation was complete, it was time to get it shipped, which you'll remember, I've already talked about. Below are the accompanying pics to the story of the Fića's arrival.

Notice that "Christmas tree" to the right of the Fića above, in the last photo? Turns out it's not twenty feet tall, but more than twice that. Better said, it was that tall, as it's now horizontal and in pieces.

You can see what's left of it in the pics below. Oh, and the Fića is visible too...

Next are some interior shots. Some say it's a seven-seater:

Notice the places available for storage. Some are more cavernous than others:

Here is where you activate the windshield washers:

When I say activate, I really mean activate. This button is in fact a pump: you press it repeatedly so as to manually pump washer fluid onto the windshield.

The wipers may have an electric motor, but the washer, however, prefers a more traditional approach.

Below are engine pics, in color this time:

That concludes the comprehensive gallery. I hope you comprehensively enjoyed the pictures...


  1. Definitely worth the wait! Now to take it for a spin :)

  2. Those shipping pictures are my favorite. You get a real sense of the journey this car went through to get here. Great stuff.