The time has come! Wonder no more which of the six options represents my Fića, as I can now show you what the above-pictured window is attached to.

Click through to (finally) reveal what hides under that tantalizing white tarp...

I present to you my police Fića, in all its retro glory.

Fićas used by the at-the-time Yugoslavian police were mainly for traffic duty in big cities and patrol runabouts in small, rural towns. They came completely white from the factory, and their exteriors, save for the hood and trunk, were painted blue afterwards so as to create more jobs for those looking for work.

Fićas meant for police duty and made in the late seventies onwards had an engine upgrade: the same engine used in the "performance" model Zastava 850, boasting an 848cc engine with 32hp. They were also equipped with a zipper in the center of the headliner (for easy rotational light servicing), and other small changes civilian versions didn't have.

A more comprehensive gallery of my Fića will be posted in the near future.

Before I can get it actually on the road (the above picture notwithstanding), that pair of electrical gremlins must be sorted out.

The adventure has, in a way, only just begun.

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  1. I would have never guessed the police car. I love the paint job. Congrats on finally getting the Fica to Canada!