BMW Drive for Team Canada

Imagine my shock waking up to a torrential downpour – after a month of dry, sunny weather – on the morning of BMW's track driving event...

Remember how everybody was always excited to have school cancelled due to bad weather? Try telling your fourth-grade self that one day, you wouldn't want that to happen.

With no cancellation notice in my inbox, I sailed drove to the event. Walking from my car to registration already got my shoes soaked – but no matter, I was about to go indoors.

I opened the door and stepped inside...the carpet was flooded! A couple more minutes and we'd all be underwater.

A disaster in the making? Actually, it was a far better event than possible in dry weather!

Demonstrating how BMW's latest tech can help was the point of this year's drive, made more effectively by nature's track transformation of Neptunial proportions.

"What's the 'Team Canada' supposed to mean," you might ask... We'd be racing against olympic rowers, perhaps? Well, BMW is the official sponsor car brand of the olympics, so they brought a couple athletes to mingle with participants in the flooded lobby.

Know that no all-wheel drive, stability control, traction control, or anything else will save you from flying off the road. If you're not paying attention, you're screwed. However, technology will help someone already focused on the road get out of trouble quicker.

The question is, just how much quicker? That's what we were there to find out.

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