As you read this, I will be heading down the west coast on my way to California! Such a detail will result in a change in the regularly-scheduled programming for the time being.

Considering that this is an automotive blog, I will be doing the appropriate thing and driving down to my destination, blogging along the way. Stay tuned...

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Road trip posts, all in one place:
Day 1: It begins
Day 2: Hotel California
Day 3: Touring San Francisco
Day 4: Exploring Little Italy
Day 5: San Diego bound
Day 6: Wild Animal Park
Day 7: Legoland
Day 8: Balboa Park
Day 9: Universal Studios
Day 10: RMS Queen Mary
Day 11: Hollywood Boulevard
Day 12: Aptos beaches
Day 13: The PCH
Day 14: The return
Road Trip Wrap-Up

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